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Does your home or business property need additional space? Why not consider having an extension? This project is one of the best ways to expand the space of your property, and our team of top-notch contractors at Mains Services can help you.

Mains Services is a building and electrical company that has been serving clients from different types of industries for many years. We hold a reputation for producing quality results through expert planning and deep attention to details. We adhere to the latest building regulation in the country, and our work ethics are second to none.

The home extension is not an easy project, and a lot of things are needed to be taken in consideration, but we are here to provide you with a seamless service, and we’ll be with you throughout the whole project. From planning and design to execution and completion of the project, we will be working side by side with you.

Our expert team will work on planning and designing your home extension according to your requirements. You might have found a design online, or you have your own personal building extension plan, you can trust our top-skilled and experienced team to handle your project flawlessly.

Whether your project is a garage or rear extension for a single or multi-storey home or commercial building, we will guarantee to give you a 5-star service without the 5-star price.

Benefits of Home Extensions

Instead of moving to a new neighbourhood or building a new home,an extension is the best project to invest in if you want to add more space for your growing family or business. If well executed, it can also add greater value to your property, which is very advantageous if you plan on putting it on the market in the future.

Many families found home extensions more beneficial since it saves them a lot of time and money. It is also an excellent way of personalizing your home the way you want it to be. Moreover, it also keeps the kids away from the hassle of dealing with new school and environment and leaving their friends.

Enjoy all the benefits of home extensions by hiring the best team. With Mains Services, you can expect a high-quality home or building extension at a price you can afford.

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Call us at 07415 945 291 to enquire on our extensions and other services, or to book an appointment with our home extension experts. You may also fill out this website’s enquiry form or email us at info@mainservices.co.uk.

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