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Root intrusions and collapsed pipe sections are among the top drainage issues that clients call for help. Depending on the extent of the damage, specialist equipment would be needed to provide a proper and long-lasting fix to the problem. 

Mains Services invests in the latest and best cutting technology when working on different types and sizes of drainage works. Our trained technicians use specialist robotic cutters to clear drainage pipes in various sizes of commercial and residential properties. 

Robotic cutters are known to withstand challenging drainage environments and make the repair work more manageable and time efficient. They are inserted into the drainage system to cut the designated area. A trained and experienced technician is needed to perform robotic cutting precisely, without damaging other drainage system components. 

To determine whether or not you need to hire robotic cutting services, you need to be aware of the common warning signs of damaged drainage. Among the most common symptoms is the slow drain of your sink or an unusual decrease in water pressure. An unusual gurgling noise coming from your drain is also a telltale sign that your drainage system has a problem, thus require the attention of professional technicians. 

Don’t wait for problems to escalate before getting professional help. Don’t hesitate to contact us should you notice any sign of drainage issues.  

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