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Are you suspecting a damaged pipe on your drainage system? Contact Mains Services Ltd for guaranteed reliable solutions.  

We have dedicated specialists who use high-quality patch lining techniques to solve different types of drainage problems for all household, commercial, and industrial properties. 

We will perform a repair on specific areas of your drainage system through patch lining with a quick turnaround time. This method has already been used as a repair technique for many years, but mainly on larger spaces and properties. However, with the progress of technology over the last few years, it has become suitable for repairing smaller pipes. 

Years ago, fixing underground drain problems requires a tremendous amount of work and takes a lot of time. For this reason, many property owners had chosen to leave the damage unfixed, resulting in the whole drainage system getting compromised and expensive repair costs. 

With the continuous improvement of technology, fixing drain problems has been a lot easier these days. Gone are the days when technicians had to excavate the ground to gain access to the damaged pipe.  

This no-dig technology is a tremendous help in fixing damaged and collapsed pipes and restoring drainage systems with only minimal disruption to the site.  

Call us today to know more about this method. 

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