For any drainage issue in your property, contact our experienced team at Mains Services right away. We understand that drain problems can be a big problem and cause structural damage if not taken care of properly. So let our team provide the most effective and safest solution for your situation. 

Our team performs comprehensive inspection and assessment to provide the most suitable solution for a specific drainage problem. Our specialist uses specialist high-pressure jets to remove debris and other unwanted materials that are blocking the drainage. Big or small, we can handle different sizes of drainage issues. 

How Drainage Jetting Works 

A large number of objects can block and eventually damage the drain, such as mud, dirt, oil, grease, etc. While plenty of cleaning machines are available to use for cleaning, drainage jetting still remains the most effective and efficient method to use. 

Drain jetting is an effective and safe technique in clearing different blockages because the jetting hose can go through the bends and travel down the pipe.  The variation of flow and pressure needed depends on the type of blockage. Your technician needs to perform inspection and assessment to determine what pressure is required to clean your drainage system. 

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