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Future-proof your home or business by getting a CCTV survey for your drainage system. At Mains Services, we provided detailed and reliable CCTV surveys for all sizes of commercial and household properties.  

Whether you are about to purchase a new property or you want to perform preventive maintenance on your building, our CCTV survey can help you check the health and possible issues with your drainage system.  

Benefits of Using CCTV Survey 

The primary benefits of using a CCTV survey are that there is no need for a technician to manually enter the pipe or excavate the ground to access the drainage system. Instead, a wheeled camera will be inserted into the drain lines or pipework. The camera will then provide a real-time high-definition image into the monitor. 

Our technicians will use these images to assess your drainage condition and identify potential issues that might cause a problem in the future. We only use the latest technology and techniques to help clients make the right decision. Once the survey is done, they will then recommend a reliable solution to fix the issues.  

Give us a call today and learn how our CCTV survey can help you keep a clean and healthy drainage system for the longest time possible. 

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